The UltraViolet Sky: QSOs, galaxies, Magellanic Clouds

First version of UV source Catalogs, from GALEX fifth data release (GR5)

The catalogs are superseded by GUVcat and GUVmatch , but the two papers contain useful discussion of source content and selection from matched GALEXxSDSS catalogs, GALEXxGSC2 catalogs and extracted catalogs of hot stars and QSOs. go to the GR5 catalogs here or get them from MAST HLSP repository

Reference: Bianchi, L. et al. MNRAS, 2011 411, 2770 (open access)
doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2010.17890.x (astro-ph: ) Catalogs of Milky Way Hot White Dwarf Candidates from GALEX's Ultraviolet Sky Surveys. Constraining Stellar Evolution.
Bianchi, L. , Herald, J., Efremova, B., Girardi, L., Zabot, A., Marigo, P., Conti, A., Shiao, B. 2011, ApSS, 335, 161, DOI: 10.1007/s10509-010-0581-x, ``GALEX Catalogs of UV sources: Statistical properties and sample science applications: Hot White Dwarfs in the Milky Way'' link to paper in ADS or go to ApSS link download pdf here

QSOs and star-forming galaxies extracted from the GALEX surveys

CATALOG OF 19,100 QSOs candidates at redshift about 1
Hutchings, J.B., and Bianchi, L., 2010, AJ, 140, 1987
A sample of 19000 QSO Candidates with redshift 0.5 to 2.0 download pdf or link to the AJ catalog

QSOs with unusual UV properties (but normal optical properties):
Bianchi, L., Hutchings, J.B., Efremova, B. et al. 2009, AJ, 137, 3761 ( astro-ph arXiv:0901.1896 )
Ultraviolet Quasi-Stellar Objects
(or download pdf file )

Star-Forming Galaxies
Hutchings, J. B.; Bianchi, L. 2014, Advances in Space Research, Volume 53, Issue 6, p. 913-919
Luminous star-forming galaxies in the SDSS-GALEX database

GALEX UV photometry of sources in the Magellanic Clouds

Safety constraints (countrate brightness) prevented observing of the bright LMC and SMC central regions during the main GALEX mission, but the survey was completed in NUV at the end of the mission. For an overview of area coverage and exposure level in FUV and NUV of the Magellanic Clouds, see Fig. 5 of Bianchi 2014, ApSS, 53 , 939 .

Sources are too crowded in the MC galaxies and their periphery for the standard GALEX pipeline to perform reliable source detection (the database photometry should be used with great caution!), therefore we performed custom photometry in the GALEX fields within 15 degrees of the LMC and and 10 deg of the SMC, covering also the Magellanic Bridge.

Current coverage with both FUV and NUV measurements includes ~550 square degrees in 1460 overlapping GALEX tiles with exposures typically at AIS depth (magnitude limit about 19.9[20.8] ABmag in FUV[NUV]), but occasionally reaching MIS level (about 2 mag deeper). The remaining area has NUV-only data. The catalogued GALEX detections are being matched to optical source catalogs to produce a multi-wavelength database.

Point source catalog (coming soon, Thilker et al.)
Extended source catalog (coming later, Thilker et al.)


Thilker, D., Bianchi, L. Simons, R, 2015, poster at "Feedback in the magellanic Clouds" Conference, STScI, Oct.2015
The Ultraviolet Survey of the Magellanic Clouds with GALEX

Bianchi, L. 2014, ApSS, 354, 103:112 (DOI: 10.1007/s10509-014-1935-6; arXiv:1404.4882)
The Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX). Its legacy of UV surveys, and science highlights
direct link to Springer online article

Simons, R., Thilker, D., and Bianchi, L.,, 2014, J. Adv. Space Res. 53 (2014), pp.939-949 ; DOI: ( arXiv:1401.7286 )
The Ultraviolet View of the Magellanic Clouds from GALEX: A First Look at the LMC Source Catalog.
link to online article in Advances in Space Research (free online open-access)