The UltraViolet Sky: UV source catalogs

CATALOGS of UV SOURCES from the GALEX surveys

The GALEX database contains almost 600 million source measurements in far-UV and near-UV. Same sources have repeated measurements (useful to search for variability, for example), due to repeated observations of the same field or overlap between fields.
We constructed catalogs of clean, unique (i.e. only one entry for each object) UV sources , useful to estimate density of sources across the sky or the number of sources with given magnitude or color ranges, or to match UV sources with other catalogs.

Flags are included to check for artifacts, as well as for existing multiple observations, and flags indicating whether a source is within the footprint of a large galaxy or stellar cluster (see Bianchi et al. 2017 arXiv:1704.05903 or ApJ Suppl 230, 24 - Figure 5) where source identification and photometry may be unreliable or inconsistent across the bands.

We constructed catalogs from the two GALEX surveys with the largest sky coverge (see maps):
MIS (Medium Imaging Survey, depth about 22.7 ABmag in FUV/NUV)
AIS (All-Sky Imaging Survey, depth about 19.9/20.8 FUV/NUV ABmag).

Figures above: Final (GR6+GR7) sky coverage of GALEX AIS and MIS surveys (figures from Bianchi et al. 2014, J. ASR 53, 900; astro-ph 1312.3281 )

GUVcat: our latest, enhanced CATALOG of GALEX UV SOURCES (Bianchi et al. 2017, ApJS 230, 24; arXiv:1704.05903 or ApJ Suppl 230, 24 , revised by Bianchi et al. 2020 )
GUVcat expanded, improveed and replaceed the previous catalog BCScat_AIS. In particular, we patched some fields that had beed incorrectly merged by the pipeline (a bug that had introduced some flawed sources and artifacts in the database and in previous catalogs), and added useful tags for science analysis.

Description, tags, useful advice and caveats: Bianchi, L., Shiao, B., Thilker, D., 2017, ApJ Suppl 230, 24 (also: arXiv:1704.05903 )

Get the catalog here: Primary sources catalogs (from GUVcat_AIS_Plus, sources with grank = 0, 1 or -1)
GUVcat_AIS FOV_radius < 0.55deg (larger area, includes a few edge artifacts)

GUVcat_AIS FOV_radius (< 0.50deg (area restricted to the good part of the fields, slightly less coverage, no edge artifacts) - not yet available

Get the catalog from MAST casjobs: Both primary sources catalog (unique sources, no duplicates) and GUVcat_AIS_Plus (with duplicate measurements) , in contest: "GALEX_Catalogs" (GUVcat_AIS_FOV055)

Get the catalog from SIMBAD Vizier (coming soon)

Electronic tables from GUVcat paper Bianchi et al. 2017:

Images of large objects in the GUVcat footprint:
We created two tags, inlargeobject and largeobjsize (units: arcsec) to indicate whether a GUVcat source is within the footprint of an extended object (larger than 1arcmin), such as a large galaxy or stellar cluster (see Section 6.1 of GUVcat paper). For all known objects larger than 1arcmin which are partly or entirely in the footprint of GUVcat, we also provide information and finding charts in the following tables, that can be used for other purposes:

Globular Clusters in GUVcat
Open Clusters in GUVcat
Other (less specified) Clusters in GUVcat
Extended Galaxies in GUVcat