Galaxies of the Local Group:

GALEX provided an unprecedented snapshot of the young stellar populations in galaxies, with sensitivity to the lowest star-formation rates ever detected. Star formation was discovered in sites where it was not seen nor expected before. here is a recent review
Hubble reveals in great detail how young stellar complexes form and evolve in different environments.
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A Hubble Treasury study of star-forming galaxies in the Local Group (TrImS):
images, 6-band photometric catalogs, derived parameters, papers, from Bianchi's HST treasury program 11079

images of Local Group galaxies UV (GALEX) and optical (ground-based, HST)

PHAT Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury Survey (coming soon)

Other studies and images:
Magellanic Clouds (coming soon)

Beyond the Local Group:

Nearby Galaxies: Multi-wavelength surveys with GALEX, SPITZER, Hubble, ground-based images: see list of publications

Animation showing different galaxies, at optical wavelengths and then in UV (far-UV=blue, near-UV=yellow): the UV light traces unambiguously the young stellar populations, even when they are inconspicuous in visible light (credit: D.Thilker)

Groups of galaxies: multiwavelength studies