GUVPNcat: Catalog of planetary nebulae detected by GALEX and optical corollary surveys.

JnEr 1 as seen in GALEX (left) and Pan-STARRS (right).
Example of the extended (\(\sim\)200'') PN JnEr 1 observed by GALEX (left, Bianchi & Thilker 2018) in FUV (blue) and NUV (yellow), and by PS1 (right) in g (blue), r (green), and y (red). North is up and east is to the left.

Planetary nebulae (PNe) consist of an ionized envelope surrounding a hot central star (CSPN). Ultraviolet observations provide important information on both the CSPN and the nebula. We have matched the catalog of all confirmed and possible PNe (PNcat) with the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) UV sky surveys, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) data release 16 (DR16), and the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) PS1 second release. A total of 671 PNe were observed by GALEX in far-UV (FUV; 1344-1786Ang) and/or near-UV (NUV; 1771-2831Ang) (GUVPNcat); 83 PNe were observed by SDSS (PNcatxSDSSDR16) and 1819 by Pan-STARRS (PNcatxPS1MDS). We merged these matched catalogs into GUVPNcatxSDSSDR16xPS1MDS, which contains a total of 375 PNe with UV and optical photometry over a total spectral coverage of about 1540-9610Ang.

GUVPNcat, PNcatxSDSSDR16, and PNcatxPS1MDS contain tags to track multiple matches, and multiple GALEX measurements, whereas GUVPNcatxSDSSDR16xPS1MDS contains a list of unique PNe with GALEX and SDSS and/or Pan-STARRS photometry (when multiple matches exist, ad hoc flags indicate so, but only the closest match is retained in the catalog). For details about the matching parameters, and catalog content in terms of extended and point-like PNe, as well as candidate binary CSPNe, see Gómez-Muñoz et al. (2023).

Reference: M. A. Gómez-Muñoz, L. Bianchi, A. Manchado, 2023, ApJS, in press for publication. DOI: ; arXiv:2304.01970

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PNcat Catalog of 3865 PNe with coordinates and sizes from the HASH database ( The coordinates have a reported positional accuracy of \(\simeq\)1''. PNcat includes 2700 PNe classified as true (T; spectroscopically confirmed), 459 likely (L) and 706 probable (P) PNe. CSV, MRT
GUVPNcat Contains 1605 GALEX matches of 671 unique PNe in PNcat. Tag GRANKDIST tracks multiple measurements of the same source tag DISTANCERANK tracks multiple matches. Out of the 1605 GALEX observations, 392 PNe have only one observation (GRANKDIST=0), 370 PNe have multiple observations of the same source (GRANKDIST=1), and 11 have a secondary observation with better exposure time (GRANKDIST = \(−\)1). Of the 671 unique PNe in PNcat, only 79 have multiple GALEX matches within the match radius (DISTANCERANK = 1). Objects with NUV artifact = 32 were removed from this compilation. CSV, MRT
PNcatxSDSSDR16 Contains 108 SDSS matches to 83 PNcat PNe. Information of multiple matches is tracked by the DISTANCERANK tag. 66 have only one SDSS counterpart (DISTANCERANK = 0) and 17 have more than one SDSS counterpart (DISTANCERANK = 1). Only primary SDSS observations were included in this compilation. CSV, MRT
PNcatxPS1MDS Contains 3301 Pan-STARRS matches to 1819 PNe in PNcat. Of the 1819 PNcat objects in PS1 MDS, 927 have only one counterpart (DISTANCERANK = 0) and 892 PNcat objects have more than one PS1 MDS counterpart (DISTANCERANK = 1). CSV, MRT
GUVPNcatxSDSSDR16xPS1MDS This catalog merges all the above matches: it contains 375 unique PNe with GALEX and SDSS and/or Pan-STARRS photometry. The separate matched catalogs, PNcat matched with GALEX (GUVPNcat), SDSS (PNcatSDSSDR16), and PS1 (PNcatPS1MDS) contain information on multiple measurements of the same source (GALEX) and multiple matches within a radius of 5'' ( DISTANCERANK > 0, and GRANKDIST > 0 in GALEX, if multiple matches or multiple observations exist). The presence of multiple matches is indicated in condensed form in GUVPNcatxSDSSxPS1MDS, but only one match is retained in this merged matched catalog. The catalog also includes distances as obtained from the surface brightness-ratio (Frew et al. 2016) relation and from GaiaEDR3 (González-Santamaria et al. 2021; Chornay & Walton 2021). CSV, MRT
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