WINNERS have been announced, and PRIZES have been awarded on: April 25 at 11:30am at the JHU Physics Fair.
Winning drawings will be posted here shortly
For the few winners who could not come to the fair: We made every effort to mail your certificates and prizes (except for bulky items) to your school address.
Winning drawings will be posted here before the next school year!

Q: Will the drawings be returned?
A: NO, the drawings will not be returned. Please make a copy before sending them if you want to retain a copy for your school. Winning drawings may be posted online after the awards
Q: Is there a specific format?
A: NO. Any format you chose is fine.
Q: Should I put my name and school address on the front or the back?
A: Your first name on the front, address on the back of the drawing. Your title, caption, or paragraph (optional) anywhere you wish.

ATTENTION: you must indicate your grade or age !!
Teachers: if the artist's signature is unreadable, please kindly print the name on the back of the drawing